German-Chinese demonstration center Industry 4.0 in Kunshan on the way

July 2017

Startup Factory (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. and Kunshan City have announced at the Kunshan Import Expo that they will jointly invest in the Smart Factory (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.. The German-Chinese demonstration center on industry 4.0 technologies will open its doors in autumn 2018. Startup Factory Kunshan is now the largest German incubator in the world, which specializes  in ramp-up of manufacturing subsidiaries of German SMEs in China. “This is precisely the special approach of the demonstration center,” says Bernd Reitmeier, founder of the Startup Factory. “We want to show technologies in the LIVE state, to enable test environments and thus become the largest German-Chinese cooperation platform on Industry4.0 / Made in China 2025.” The Smart Factory Kunshan is politically supported both by the BMWi and MIIT as part of the German-Chinese cooperation on Industry 4.0 and digitalization of manufacturing processes.

The city of Kunshan will invest in additional 15,000 sqm of modern production infrastructure. “Industry 4.0 technologies must be experienced, seen in action, tested and trained at digital interfaces with other companies. The goal is to build up a learning factory with up to 10,000 guests per year in a few years” says Reitmeier. The first partners have already been won for cooperation. For example, Siemens AG will set up a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) lab in which the digital twin of a product is designed, the use in production is simulated, and the production processes can be optimized with the corresponding digital interfaces to machines. Other companies in the field of building automation and services have also secured their cooperation. “We want to show how SMEs can also use technologies in the area of ​​industry 4.0, thereby creating new business models and strengthening their market position”.

China is providing more than USD 20 billion in various national funding programs under the “Made in China 2025” program. “Made in China 2025” is the first 10-year action plan for the transformation of China into a production world giant by a production giant who lives from the lowers of his workers. The plan is designed to increase national competitiveness and promote innovation, rather than simply supporting individual industries.


About Startup Factory

Startup Factory is a currently the largest business incubator for small and mid-sized European enterprises that are looking for assembly or production facilities, a repair workshop or a job shop in China to extend their business activities.

At present, Startup Factory runs subsidiaries for 30 European companies on 26,000 sqm with a total of more than 300 employees at its factory location in Kunshan, near Shanghai. Our experienced German-Chinese management team in Kunshan is supported by a contact office in Munich. In addition to flexible rental units, Startup Factory offers a full management services package covering all functions that can be provided centrally. Our customers can concentrate fully on manufacturing and growing their business.