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SFK IIoT Hub Official Launch

press release Munich, Kunshan, March 24th, 2023

On Mar. 23, SFK Industry IOT Hub held an official launch reception in Shanghai. The German Consul General in Shanghai, the government official of Kunshan Zhangpu, Kunshan German Industrial Park, founding partners of SFK, technical partners as well as other guests of close to 100 people attended the reception.

SFK IIoT Hub is a Sino-German cooperation in the field of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, also a Light Tower Project recognized by the German Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. SFK IIoT Hub is particularly focused on supporting Chinese and German small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises and accelerating the implementation of industrial 4.0 Smart Factory technologies. In the actual production environment, SFK provides open, inclusive and friendly support and services to users and technology partners. SFK IIoT Hub CEO Christian Dorfmueller and his team onboarded already more than 30 Chinese and Western IIoT companies and welcomed companies that plan to get part of the network.

With the more open economic policies after the 2023 Beijing Two Sessions, China continues to seek high-quality development in economy and science & technology. Especially in the field of manufacturing, digitization, industrial Internet of Things technology, Smart Factory, AI artificial intelligence, China and Germany are seeking for close cooperation. SFK has become a rare and unique international platform for exchange, innovation application and network development. Its offline production base, online platform and community provide support of innovative applications of industrial IoT technologies to China and beyond. SFK IIoT Hub has attracted many like-minded enterprises, universities, banks, research institutions, consulting and training institutions to join us as our founding partners, promoting the continuous development, collaboration and expansion of SFK Industrial IoT Hub.

Nearly 40 German manufacturing enterprises under the incubation of Startup Factory, the shareholder of SFK, have become the technology application use case testing ground for many technology partners. In the modern plant area of 40000 square meters, many innovative use cases have been developed and implemented, and through the SFK smart factory tours, technology partners have also been helped to obtain potential customers.

SFK provides visible value for all partners’ innovation collaboration, including technology application, knowledge sharing, sales support, brand promotion, market entry and talent network. Bernd Reitmeier, founder of SFK IIoT Hub said: “SFK IIoT Hub provides open, collaborative and innovative platform for all our partners. It will offer strong support for partners from China and Germany in the field of Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, help them to accelerate growth and digital transformation, gain more competitive advantages in today’s global market.”



About SFK IIoT Hub

SFK IIoT Hub is a global IIoT innovation and application platform that enables its stakeholders to meet industry insiders, share knowledge, promote new products and solutions. The Hub aims to accelerate IIoT development and adaptation, to solve real industry issues with the IIoT solutions.

Based in Kunshan IIoT technology lab of state-of-art factory environment, SFK IIoT Hub provides open, inclusive and practical support to tech partners and end users alike. It helps all IIOT stakeholders to solve real challenges by fostering excitement and innovation in the community.

SFK IIoT Hub, brings Industry IOT ideas to reality!

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