Our services

We provide a wide range of central management and administrative services for all companies operating under the aegis of the Startup Factory. Alongside management of the subsidiary, these include HR, finance, customs formalities, facility management, quality management and an experienced technical team to assist with the ramp-up and establishment of production.

Outsourcing management and administrative functions gives companies an optimal basis for reliable cost calculation, so they can concentrate on production, assembly, customer service and sales. Besides, bringing together many companies leverages synergies for each individual company. Examples are shared use of forklifters and measuring equipment, and joint staff training. That reduces your investment and your overall risk. To maintain confidentiality and make sure that sharing (management) resources does not lead to conflicts of interest, we only accept companies that are not direct competitors. We also ensure clear separation of the organizational workflows and staff of individual companies through independent entities.

We charge a fixed monthly fee for our management and book-keeping services, and for the use of production space, so you can calculate your costs reliably from the start. Using an ERP system for our processes ensures that they are completely transparent from day one. The security of your investment is enhanced by extensive reporting. Every company is integrated individually into SAP businessOne, with individual access rights to ensure data security and confidentiality at this level too. Our management team has extensive experience of China, which reduces the cost of external consulting as well as giving you access to local networks and the relevant authorities.  Rapid market entry is made possible by our ready-to-use production premises and offices and the Startup Factory team.