Considering setting up production in China?

Then Startup Factory is the ideal partner!

Startup Factory specializes in building up Chinese entities (normally 100% subsidiaries) for European SMEs that are setting up assembly/production, repair workshops or job shops in China. Our services focus on the following sectors: automotive suppliers, production of machinery and appliances, measuring equipment, environmental technology, medical technology and automation.


Looking for a small production setup (200-1,000 sqm)?

Need “local content” for your customers in China?

Startup Factory offers small units that can be scaled up flexibly as your business grows.
We can organize 1, 2 or 3 shift rosters for your production operations.


Want to reduce lead times for your customers in China?

Want to respond flexibly to customer requirements in China?

Why not build up assembly operations gradually? For example, you could start with CKD assembly using imported parts, then gradually localize procurement. Operating a wholly owned subsidiary through Startup Factory means you keep control of your intellectual property.


Want to optimize delivery times for spare parts and maintenance in China?

Want to offer your Chinese customers the best after-sales service?

Build up a service center at Startup Factory and improve the marketability of your products in China! Fulfill your customer-friendly service agreements and orders – locally in local currency. That way you can avoid protracted logistics and import/export procedures and utilize other companies’ production equipment.

Job Shop / Training

Would you like to demonstrate your machinery and equipment to Chinese customers?

Or train Chinese staff to use your machines?

You can use the facilities at Startup Factory as an extended showroom to present your machinery and equipment in a high-class production setting, run training sessions or even use your machines for customer-specific orders in China. Don’t just set up a showroom: make your machinery work for you!