Our vision

We are THE business incubator for manufacturing companies in China. Our role is not simply to rent out production space: our service package combines the soft skills our German management in China has gained from working in the country for 15 years with the “hardware” offered by our high-quality production premises. Our services cover everything needed to set up and run a production company right up to the exit phase – normally after 2-5 years, when your company has the critical mass it needs to go it alone. Our goal is to help your subsidiary make a profit as quickly as possible. We have repeatedly proven that this is possible in China within two years.

Our strategic goal is to harmonize business processes and leverage synergies between the companies at Startup Factory wherever possible. That enables us to offer individual companies very lean administrative structures and the opportunity to share resources. Proven, standardized business processes are the key to a rapid and reliable start in China.

Creating an atmosphere that fosters networking between the companies at Startup Factory is very important to us. In keeping with our motto – Sharing Success – our companies share many things, from management through their English teacher to compressed air and, ultimately, the success of each individual subsidiary in China.